Upcoming Events and News

Commissioners’ Meeting

The next Juniata County Commissioners’ public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Conference Room located in the Bousum Building, 26 N. Main St., Mifflintown, PA.

The April 25th meeting agenda is available for your review. Archived copies of meeting agendas and approved meeting minutes may be found by navigating to the Commissioners’ page.

The Nestler College Scholarship

Each year two college bound students from Juniata County are awarded Nestler College Scholarships. The deadline to submit an application is May 1st.


The Nestler College Scholarship Application is also available in the guidance office at East Juniata High School and Juniata High School and at The Juniata Valley Bank Trust and Investment Division.

The applicant’s information and SAT scores are verified with each high school’s guidance counselor.

Read more details by visiting our Nestler College Scholarship page.

Electronics Recycling Day 2017

Local residents have an opportunity to dispose of unwanted computer and electronic equipment, like old cell phones, personal electronics and even office equipment at our Electronics Recycling Day, April 2017.

Please join us Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 9:30am to 1:00pm at the Juniata County Fairgrounds, 308 W 8th Street, Port Royal, PA.

Swift911 Emergency Notification Registration

The Swift911 Emergency Notification system is ready for your registration.

Visit our Emergency Services page for the online registration form. Click the Register Now! button to get started or download a mobile app for your device.

Specific steps on how to access and complete the registration process are provided in our Swift911 Registration Instructions.

Mifflin Juniata Human Services Offering FREE Tax Preparation

A program known as Money in Your Pocket, MIYP, also known as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, is administered nationally by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This program provides free income tax assistance to those of low- to moderate-income.

Volunteer tax preparers are IRS trained and certified to prepare federal, state and local income taxes. The program offers flexible daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

See if you quality for this free tax prep help in the MIYP Program Announcement.

2017 Juniata County Budget

The Juniata County Commissioners have adopted the budget for 2017. Summary and detail documents are posted here for your information.

Approved budgets for prior years can be found on our Finances page.

General Election Results

The 2016 November General Election was a success regarding voter turnout with 76% of Juniata County voters casting their ballots.

Voting results for each precinct have been tabulated into a complete 2016 Precinct Election Report. All voting results are summarized in the 2016 Summary Election Report.

Visit our Latest Election Results page for important dates and more election results.

Drug Drop Box Program

The Probation and Parole Department would like to announce a new service to the community, the Drug Drop Box program.

Did you know that America has a heroin epidemic? Many users started out by experimenting with painkillers and other medications found at home. Some people get hooked on the painkillers themselves.

We all need to secure our medications so they don’t fall into the hands of children, but we also need to be aware that drug cabinets at home are targets of theft.

Drug Drop Box Located in the Courthouse Annex Lobby

Drug Drop Box Located in the Courthouse Annex Lobby

The old way of getting rid of old medications was to flush them down the toilet. The problem with that is the drugs get into the environment. That means pouring left over meds down the drain will end up polluting our streams and rivers.

The new drug drop box provides a secure place for you to dispose of dangerous drugs keeping them out of the hands of prescription drug abusers or kids, and out of our streams and rivers.

Juniata County Courthouse Annex Lobby
30 North Main Street
Mifflintown, PA 17059

Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M – 4:30 P.M.

Please join us in saving our children and our environment by dropping off your unwanted medications today.

Apply for a Marriage License Online

The Clerk of Orphans’ Court, who issues marriage licenses in Juniata County, is pleased to announce that application for a marriage license may now be initiated online. You’ll both still need to visit the Clerk of Orphans’ Court office to complete the application at least three business days before the marriage. Head on over to our Marriage Licenses page to review the requirements before you apply.

Flood Insurance is A Good Thing for Juniata County!

Many of us live in a floodplain in Juniata County. If you are a renter, homeowner or business owner, make sure you have flood insurance to cover your belongings and repair costs if a damaging flood should occur. To learn more, read about Flood Insurance.