Parcel Viewer

Juniata County Parcel Viewer Online

Parcel Viewer Instructions

The main mapping page will start from this address. The disclaimer comes up first. The first map to appear will be the county map with municipalities labeled. Municipalities, highways and major river features are also visible. A new highways layer was created from the 911 streets layer. The highways are major roads along with the interstate and are simplified for faster display. The highways will be visible at smaller scales to provide a visual reference while increasing display speed. The surrounding counties are drawn and labeled for reference.

As the map is zoomed in, more layers will appear. At 1:50,000 the aerial photos and parcel lines will appear. At this scale the highways will be the only roads visible to reduce clutter on the map. At around 1:30,000 detailed streets will appear with street name labels. The street name labels are drawn on a separate layer so they can be turned on and off independently from the street themselves. The major roads and highways will have a thicker symbol and the streets will be black. At 1:20,000 the address points will appear as squares. These points appear in the table of contents as Structure Addresses. At 1:5,000 the PIN labels will appear. The municipality name labels always appear for reference.

All the labels have a light gray halo to make them more readable.

The Parcel Information Tool (or ID tool) has been enhanced to show detailed parcel information. Everything from the updated ownership table should be in there. Some of the fields have descriptions attached to the codes, like land type and land code, and some items are combined on the same line to make the box a little smaller. All the actual data is in bold to make it more readable.

The little mailbox tool next to the ID tool is the address tool. This tool will show the street address and community of the address point clicked on. The comments field from the structure layer is also shown to provide some additional information about the point clicked on.

There is a new link on the left side that says Search Assessment Records, this will open the parcel search. The owner name and PIN are still searchable. I noticed some PIN numbers that had 4 parts instead of 3 so I am not sure how to break down the PIN. You can enter part of a PIN and it will search on the part you enter, but we can still enhance the PIN search if you want. I will just need a description of what the parts are.

The Find an Address box is set up to search the address points directly. You just enter an address, like 318 cuba mills road (or 318 cuba mills rd) and the address point will be found and shown on the map with a yellow outline. The little X at the end of the toolbar clears these yellow boxes from the map. If you happen to enter an address that is duplicated, like 506 main st, you will see a small box with a list of the results. The results list contains the comments field also. Click on the list to map that individual result.

The Map a Location drop down list has all the municipalities in it, select one then click the go button to zoom to the extents of that municipality.