The Nestler College Scholarship

Each year two college bound students from Juniata County are awarded Nestler College Scholarships. The deadline to submit an application is in early Spring each year.


Applications are available at each high school’s guidance office, at The Juniata Valley Bank Trust and Investment Division, and on the County of Juniata website here. The applicant’s information and SAT scores are verified with each high school’s guidance counselor.

The conditions of the award of the college scholarship shall be as follows:

  1. The annual net income from the trust shall be given to two recipients for the purposes of a college education;
  2. The recipients shall be chosen, one from Juniata High School and one from East Juniata High School;
  3. The applicants must apply for the scholarship, at times to be set by the Trustee and on an application form to be generated by the Trustee;
  4. The student from each public high school with the highest combined Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) scores shall receive the scholarship. In the event that two or more students from each high school have identical scores, female students and students who have immigrated to the United States and whose parents have become naturalized citizens shall be given one additional point to their combined S.A.T. Scores. If any applicants are still tied, the applicant with the highest high school grade point average shall receive the scholarship. If there is still a tie, i.e., two or more applicants have identical S.A.T. Scores and identical grade point averages, the Trustee shall have the authority to select the ultimate recipient. The recipients of the scholarship shall have his or her tuition paid, to the extent funds are available, for the academic year following their graduation from high school. The scholarship shall be awarded each year to a graduating high school student from each public school based on the above criteria. Any amount of trust income in excess of the recipient’s tuition shall be added to the Trust principal.

If you’re interested on the value of scholarships awarded in recent years, read the Annual Nestler Scholarship Awards.

Download the Nestler College Scholarship Application.